Solar Assisted Heat Pump


We are pleased to be selling the rst MCS approved domestic hot water product to retro- t all existing cylinders, heating water up to 55OC

Over 30 years of engineering expertise go in to make one of the most advanced water heating systems on the market

Achieved MCS Solar Assisted Heat Pump status in the UK

Manufactured in a UK Factory with ISO 9001 certi cation

Speci cally tailored for British homes and the British climate

The Marketplace

Solar Assisted Heat Pump

  • Works day and night
  • Works down to -10OC
  • Provides up to 100% of hot water requirements
  • Heats water throughout day, night and all seasons, whenever it’s needed
  • Panel can be tted south, east or west facing even northeast and northwest
  • Panel is under 7kg
  • Aluminium panel is very durable
  • Can be fitted to a wall or roof
  • Both sides of the panel absorb energy
  • Sealed system with R134a gas
  • Minimal maintenance

Traditional Solar Thermal

  • Needs direct sunlight
  • Will not work at night, with no sun or 0OC
  • Only provides 30% of hot wa- ter requirements
  • Only heats water in summer and during height of the day, when its not needed
  • Panel needs to be south facing for maximum results
  • Heavy panels
  • Panels made up of fragile glass tubing
  • Installed on a south facing roof only
  • Smaller energy collection area
  • Requires Glycol top-up
  • High maintenance

The Concept

A microwave sized Solar Assisted Heat Pump in a box powered by an external thermodynamic panel providing hot water in an existing cylinder

Heats Water Day and Night in all weathers 365 days a year

It is a Fridge in reverse with proven reliability

The panel can be installed on the wall, roof or even inside a loft if the property is listed

How it works

1) The Aluminium panel circulates the refrigerated liquid where energy is absorbed from the ambient air

2) This transforms the liquid into a gas, which carries the heat energy to the thermodynamic box

3) The thermodynamic box compresses the gas which increases the temperature

4) The spent gas reverts back to a liquid which ows back into the panel, allowing process to repeat

5) Simultaneously, a water pump pulls cold water from the cylinder into the thermodynamic box

6) This works as a heat exchanger which returns hot water to the cylinder

7) This ow continues until the water in the cylinder reaches 55OC

8) Once this is achieved the system goes into standby

The Panel

  • Only one panel required for standard domestic installation
  • Made of roll-bond aluminium
  • Highly durable (no glass or glycol)
  • Delivered nitrogen filled
  • Absorbs energy from ambient air, sunlight, wind and rain
  • Very light and easy to install
  • Normally fitted to a wall
  • Can be fitted to any aspect
  • Panel is silent in operation

Features and Benefits

  • Installed by fully Quali ed Installation teams
  • Full standard installation in under 1 day
  • Light aluminium panel
  • Anti-Corrosion Protection
  • No risk of freezing or over-heating
  • Retro ts to existing cylinder
  • Works 24 hours a day
  • Hot Water up to 55°C
  • Hot Water in ALL weather conditions, down to -10°C
  • Hot Water at a fraction of Gas or Electric system costs
  • More efficient than ‘Traditional Solar Thermal’ panels
  • Suitable for residential property or commercial premises
  • Sizes available for small to large property types
  • Smart Blueberry controller automatically ensures the water is at temperature at 6 am and 4 pm everyday
  • Automatic weekly anti-legionella cycle that heats water to 60°C

Solar assisted heat pump

A solar assisted heat pump can be best described as ‘A Fridge in reverse’. Most people understand that the panel on the back of their fridge is a factor in keeping its contents cold.

Reversing this principle by using an aluminium collector (panel) to absorb heat rather than reject heat, allows us to utilize the ambient air temperature (day and night in all weather conditions) to change the refrigerant liquid circulating through the aluminium collector (panel) from a liquid to a gas form. This changing of state of the refrigerant allows us to capture energy. The returning refrigerant now in gas form is then compressed and passed through the heat exchanger within either the:

The LMTB III and IV – Retrofit thermodynamic SAHP where the water from the cylinder is brought to the other side of the heat exchanger and the heat from the refrigerant is passed to the water until it reaches 55°C.

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